Some Resources for Economists

Here i provide codes to simulate some popular Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium models using the package Dynare and links to some free databases, statistical packages, and working paper archives.

Dynare Codes

Real Business Cycle (RBC) Models

  • The Basic RBC model (Cooley and Prescott, 1995), text file 
  • The Indivisible Labor model (Hansen,1985), text file 
  • The Time to Build model (Kydland and Prescott, 1982), text file 

Monetary Business Cycle Models 

  • The Inflation Tax model (Cooley and Hansen, 1998),  text file
  • The Endogenous Money RBC model (Gavin and Kydland, 1999), text file
  • The Inflation and Tax Code model (Gavin, Kydland, and Pakko, 2007), text file
  • The Sticky Price model with Rigity a la Calvo (Amano, Ambler, and Rebei, 2007), text file
Other codes are available on Dynare's website [here] and on Johannes Pfeifer's website [here].


European Union
  • European Commission- Eurostat 
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development- Statistics
United Kingdom
  • Office for National Statistics (ONS)
United States
West Africa
World Data

Statistical Packages 

Working Paper Archives 


Amano, R,  S Ambler, and N  Rebei (2007) The Macroeconomic Effects of Nonzero Trend Inflation, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 39(7), pp 1831-38.
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